Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Shop: Jimmy Marble

Do you have a bunch of people that are your go-to's for inspiration? I definitely do. One of the people on that list is the super talented Jimmy Marble. It's been over a year since I shared his awesomeness with you guys so another update about him is long overdue.  If you are not familiar with Jimmy's work then you'll be glad you stopped by today.

From the bright colours and his playful style of photography to his inspirational banners and clear love of flowers, for me Jimmy's work exudes positivity. If you check out his Etsy store you will see what I mean (the intro to his shop reads 'I hope you're having the best day of your life'). I have been dying to get my hands on one of those banners for a while but the problem is I can't decide which one I like best cause they are all so great. Fun and motivating, let's face it, who wouldn't want to look at one of these on their wall every day?

What's more, this summer Jimmy launched a book called Best Bush in Town. Not as naughty as it sounds - it's a photo book celebrating flowers with handwritten side notes about what flowers mean, what flowers look like and art history down to the personal stuff like Jimmy's love life. I think we all need this in our life. It's on my wish list for sure.

Gosh, it's amazing how much awesomeness can be contained inside one person.

Image credit: All banners are available in Jimmy's Etsy store here. All photos by Jimmy Marble

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sometimes you just gotta dance (or hula hoop)

Taking a leaf from Mary Tyler Moore's book today. We could all use a little more dance-like-no-one-is-watching action in our lives don't you think? Kinda tempted to dance and hula hoop at the same time. Hey, there's nothing like acting ridiculous to take some of your stresses away.

Image credits: here and here

Monday, 11 August 2014

Fan: Anti Pastel

I have a special treat for you to kick off the week. I thought it's about time to get more involved with this fan column, mostly so I can shout about the things I love even louder and introduce you to some of the people behind the brands. With that in mind I thought it would be great to start this slightly new format with one of my most favourite virtual places to visit - the Anti Pastel store. Undoubtedly the Queen of the Pom Pom, this fun brand was founded by the lovely Michaela. Based in Sydney, Australia  Michaela can often be seen sporting one of these brightly coloured balls of fluff in her hair and we are positively obsessed. So grab a seat, it's time to find out a little more about Michaela's super colourful world.

Why are you called Antipastel? 
Originally, it was one of my (many!) internet usernames. I can't quite recall how I came up with it, but I am a fan of puns, and when it came to choosing a name for my colourful creations, it felt like a good match. It means more now in that it describes how and what I like to make: colourful creations that know no bounds. I like to say I have an appetite for bright, as do my lovely customers!

How did the pom pom accessories come to be? i.e. why did you decide to make these your core product?

I was mucking around one crafternoon and they just sort of happened! Everything grew around them, so naturally they became a big part of my business. I'd probably tend to call them more of a foundation product - while I'm slightly addicted to creating new colourways, and maybe I will never stop making pompoms, I'd love to keep creating and expanding the range.

What are your favourite colour combinations?
At the moment, I'm really feeling pinks (ideally neons) and greens (limes and mids). I love throwing a bit of neon orange into a bright mix, too. Mint green and bright yellow. I could go on!

What is the best way to wear a pom pom hair tie?

My favourite way to wear a Hair Bomb is in a teased-up topknot, as it works best to have some body in the bun. As Single Scoops are a bit smaller, they work well with a topknot, ponytail or low bun, depending on your hair type. If you need a bit more security, fastening the yarn plaits with a couple of bobby pins either side of the pompom helps.

You recently launched the plaited hair ties? Can you tell us a bit about them and why you decided to add these to the collection?

I'd love to offer a range of options for people with different hair types and lengths, to add a bit of colour to their hair! I've just added some snap clips and barrettes with hand stitched felt details, too.

What are your plans for Anti Pastel in the future?

Product-wise, more colourful hair stuff - some bigger pieces, and maybe some homewares. It's a little known fact that I like to draw, so I would like to include some of that, too. And of course, more colour combos! Beyond that, and in a slightly more general sense, creative expansion and collaboration.

Check out the full range at the Anti Pastel shop here. Seriously, you'll want it all.

Image credit: All photos by Anti Pastel (via Etsy)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Finding the time for cake

Lately I've been trying to find the time to finally get started on a big project I've been dreaming about for a long time. If you guessed it has something to do with cake then you guessed right. The days just seem to be slipping through my fingers lately. I'm sorry, Beyonce has more hours in a day than the rest of us ha! Time to make a to-do list I think. 

If you're missing me here on Fanfair then you can always catch me over at Betty Magazine. All you need to do is click here.

All photos by me.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shop: Face Plates by La Malconttenta

Lately I've been really drawn to things with faces on. Yet another reason why this was the perfect present. Currently on my wish list are these plates by Spanish brand La Malconttenta. They are kinda perfect for summer entertaining - who wouldn't want to eat off a tropical watermelon plate? And the yellow one totally plays into current pineapple trend too. Or if you don't feel like eating off a plate with a face on, use it to create a fun wall display. With these plates you're #winning.

All items are hand made making each piece unique. Love.

Image credit: La Malconttenta