Friday, 19 September 2014

Happy Friday + here's to a great weekend

Oh September you are flying by aren't you? 2014 you are too. What's up with that? Can you just slow down a teeny tiny bit please? But still TGIF because that's when we get to do all the fun things right? Though I hope you're doing the fun things all week too. So grateful that I've felt re-enegerised this week. Last week totally sucked. Back in determination/action plan mode HURRAH! Here's a few things that have perked my week up and I'm sure they will make your weekend 1000% better too.

Totally freaked out about this.

Oh yeah and I freaked out about this too.

This is so fun.

Need to practise this.

Need to get one of these for my wall ASAP.

Really want this. And everything else in this store

If you do one thing this weekend.

I love colour but would happily live inside here.

I need this to be my Halloween costume. Or I can wear it all day every day.

Aren't these girls the cutest?!

Have a good one y'all! xx

Photo by me - some new friends I made this week ha!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fan: HAY

HAY. The home, furniture, stationery and accessories brand from Denmark currently taking the design world (and my world) by storm. If you haven't heard of them then you need to get on this stat. Founded in 2002 the vision of this Scandinavian brand is clear: to create affordable and accessible products drawing on the inspiration and strength of Danish design in the 1950s and 1960s.

Originally focused on furniture, over the years, they have expanded their range to include accessories such as cushions, quilts, bed covers, rugs, the list goes on. 2011 saw the addition of the HAY Market collection taking found objects from around the world re-working them to fit in to a modern context. This process is what the brand is known for - taking inspiration from somewhere else and making it relevant today. Like much of Scandinavian design their products feature clean lines, interesting colours and are simple objects that can be used every day.

I love that their motto is to celebrate uncomplicated design and to strive to stay solid, straight-forward, joyful and functional.

We are right in the middle of Design Festival here in London and one thing that I am super excited to see is the HAY Mini Market set up in Selfridges. Showcasing hundreds of HAY products, as well as an edited selection of finds from around the world, fashioned in a sort of supermarket set up for me this is one of the highlights on the calendar. At the Mini Market you can purchase pieces from the HAY collection as well as the Wrong for HAY collection, a collaboration with London-based designer Sebastian Wrong. Another string to their very talented bow, this is a brand that fosters young talent as well as exploring the minds of established designers.

Granted I am quite bit obsessed with HAY - there's a running joke between friends that I literally bring them up in conversation whenever possible. But I like it when brands do something fun and a little different. As much as the strong Danish/Scandinavian aesthetic one the best things about HAY is their ability to be playful and make seemingly ordinary objects extraordinary. If you're in London this is a definite go look see.

The HAY Mini Market is open Monday-Saturday 9.30am - 9pm and on Sunday 11.30am - 6.15pm at Selfridges Oxford Street.

Image credit: All images property of HAY

Monday, 15 September 2014

Instant favourites

Do you guys switch between being obsessed with different social media? I tend to go back and forth between Instagram and Pinterest. I love different things about each of them but the one thing that kinda frustrates me about Instagram is that you can only see the last 300 photos you've liked. When I've vented this frustration to people I've gotten some rather weird looks - why do you need to see more than 300 of your past likes? 

Side step here - the other day I went right back to the beginning of my Instagram account. It was kinda scary but also really interesting to see how my photos have changed and (hopefully you'll agree!) gotten better since I started. In the same way I like to see how my interests have shifted in terms of the things I've liked. I like to see whose work I'm really drawn to and see what kinds of images are catching my eye. We tend to like images for so many different reasons. It could be the colours or the composition or the funny description underneath it. On Instagram it is often also a way to support the people who are doing work we love. There are so many reasons.

Maybe I just have a problem with needing to document everything in my life but I do think that when you're creating your own work it's good to see what inspiring you. 

Would love to know who you're current Instagram favourites are and why. Tell me!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Happy Friday + getting better

It's safe to say this week has been a bit messed up. It started off pretty awesome - I came back from my trip to Lisbon feeling totally inspired - the buildings, the sunshine, the people, everything just blew my mind. While I was away I also had a chance to finally read this, which has been super helpful and really put some things into a whole new light. But by Tuesday morning I found myself crawling back into bed feeling totally bleurgh! Colds suck. I am making such a big deal about it as a warning to you all. This is what happens when you constantly brag about how you haven't been sick in over a year... Don't do it people. 

In between naps, over the last few days I've been keeping myself entertained by catching up on some reading and finally got to watch Annie Hall (side bar - did you see this fun roundup of DIYs inspired by the movie?) I'm a big fan of Diane Keaton and Annie Hall has been on my must-watch list for too many years. So there's always a silver lining right?

Here's to a much better next week. Have an awesome weekend you guys xx

Photo by me

Monday, 8 September 2014

Camera face

Hey you guys, I hope you've had a great weekend. This time last week I was bound for Lisbon. If you stopped by Instagram you would've seen things got a bit crazy. There was so much inspiration it was ridiculous - colourful buildings, beautifully packaged foods, flowers, sunshine, food, BOUGAINVILLEA. It was pretty awesome. I spent most of the week like this, with a camera in my face. But you would have too if you'd have seen it.

I have a feeling I'm going to be on a high from this trip for a while…

Have a good Monday!

Image credit: source unknown (celebrity camera club no longer exists!)